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SANWEI Bulk Grain Conveyer 02

Conveying Equipment Manufacturers

We customize components designs and recommend from our extensive market research on your practical needs.

Conveying Equipment Distributors & Agents

To ease your distribution, we offer bulk parts at budget-friendly prices, optimized materials, and in-depth cooperation in marketing.

SANWEI Bulk Grain Conveyer 01

Serving for Diversity

Grain & Oil Commodity
We make durable non-electric grain transport machinery components more available to wider audiences.
Feed Industry
Our diverse product line supports machinery for bulk storage, processing, and transportation of feed industry.
Industrial Materials
Our parts possess the strength to support the transportation of bulk cargoes such as coal, iron ore, and cement.
Industrial Plastics
We develop customized industrial plastic sheets, rods and other injection molded parts within your lead times.

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From engineering plastics to elevating applications, we categorize our product lines based on different downstream conveying machinery approaches to flexibly handle a rich range of applications.

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