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867,000 ㎡ of Production Base

Focused on establishing a strong manufacturing capacity, we built a Bulk Material Conveying Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and Spiral Blade Engineering Technology Research Center in JIiangsu and secured the ISO9001 certification in 1998.

9 Production Workshops

Each of our components category has its own workshop outfitted with the latest equipments and self-developed tools to produce world-class components for your brand.

Systematic High Efficiency
in Production


Address production concerns quickly and properly calculate raw material requirements, leading to a short lead time.


Tried-and-tested manufacturing process significantly increases our productivity while reducing wasted raw materials and time.


We streamline production while improving efficiency in both upstream and downstream workshops.

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Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding makes the production of our plastic buckets more precise, reducing both quality and costs issues .

Flat Vulcanizer Production Line

Flat Vulcanizer Production Line

Our flat vulcanizer quickly produces rubber lifting belts and conveyor belts while saving on rubber material for more products.

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe

Processing-Our CNC Lathe handles complete spare parts processing, including cutting, slotting, drilling, ans more comprehensive processings.

Ultra-high Sheet Molding Production Line

Ultra-high Sheet Molding Production Line

Pressing-We handle fast production of ultra-high sheet molded products, customized to your specifications to ensure optimal functionality.

Check the Process, Know the Quality

Detailed Consultation

Communicate with experts on component configuration and operation conditions.


Sampling & Inspection

You get tested samples for confirmation and can also adjust for appearance, structure and size.


Mass Production

Modern workshops provide efficient production of standardized and customized products.


Prompt Delivery

Depending on the region, we will choose the optimal shipping solution which includes preferential prices.

SANWEI R&D Department 01

With Great Ability Comes Great Responsibility

As your partner in success, we provide not only top-quality products, but we also understand the value of good quality while fulfilling your market demands.


Rooted on self-owned technology, we’re elevating production standards with a strong R&D and 78 patents.

Manufacturing Privacy

We respect your privacy and act confidentially, refraining to disclose customer information or product parameters.

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