Uncompromising Quality Assurance

Mass Inspection From the Beginning

All products go through a series of random and full inspections to guarantee consistent quality. We even inspect the samples in the process.

Credible Quality Report

To give you confidence in our components, we can provide you with a detailed quality inspection report and support third-party quality inspection.

SANWEI Certified Quality Control System 02

Competence and Also, Commitment

Material Management

Material Management

Dedicated warehouses and personnel maintain the excellent quality and optimal performance of the ingredients.

Advanced Customization

Advanced Customization

Each machinery component is specifically tailored to meet the working conditions required by your industry.

Standard Product Portfolio

Standard Product Portfolio

Standardized production process upholds strict benchmarks of mass-produced components.

Exclusive Product Formulation

Exclusive Product Formulation

The exclusive formula of our components features in resistance to fire, oil, and static .

The Difference is in The Details

15 years of longstanding partnerships with raw material suppliers ensures their quality and consistency.

Our outstanding production facility secured global certifications from ISO9001 and CE exemption.

To enhance our R&D and expand our knowledge, we invite domestic university professors and national experts for cooperation.

Three decades of experience in bulk parts customization and production gives us a distinct edge compared to our peers.

For proper communication and information dissemination, we conduct weekly meetings and regular training.

Better Product, Higher Standard

Good Rate

Combining custom mold manufacturing and designated testing departments never fails to please our clients and ensures a high satisfaction rating.

Months Warranty

All components come with a 12-month warranty period that covers free replacement for own defects or quality concerns.

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