Sieve Cleaners

Sieve Cleaners


FDA approved Polyurethane (PU) (except cotton canvas pad) with good rebound resilience, superior abrasion resistance, moisture resistant, oil resistant and low-temperature resistant features ensures long service life.

Small Triangle (QA15)

Unique outline and convex center, easy to bounce on sieve.

1小清理块 (QA15)

Big Triangle (QA26)

Increased and thickened outline design provides more potential energy and better cleaning effects.

3大清理块 (QA26)

Rivet Triangle (QD21)

Center rivet triangle is more convenient for moving and bouncing on the sieve.

5铆钉清理块 (QD21)

Brush Triangle (QM25)

While bouncing on the sieve, the brush also cleans it at the same time. Thus greatly increases cleaning efficiency.

2毛刷清理块 (QM25)

Rivet Rectangle (QDF38)

The combination of center rivet and thick outline gives this product more potential energy so it cleans the sieves even better.

4矩形铆钉清理块 (QDF38)

Cotton Canvas Pad (QB32)

The cotton canvas protects the sieve even better and increases its usage life.

6棉帆布清理块 (QB32)

Strengthened Version of Elevator Bucket

Better Adaptation

Compatible with international brand elevators and provides a better lifting speed with more capacity.

Exclusive Formula

With a self-developed formula to produce a durable high-performance bucket for heavy-duty tasks.

Sustainable Design

Creative design of a bottom open hole to improve airflow to reduce material backfeed.

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