Patterned Conveyor Belts


Suitable to convey materials such as powder, granules as well as packaged materials at angleless than 40 degrees.


  • The carcass can be made from Polyester EP, Nylon NN, Cotton CC, and Polyester Cotton TC;
  • Patterned Belt includes various patterns such as “Cross”, “V”, “Doted”, “Crescent”, etc.
  • Suitable for incline conveying.

Belt Specifications

Excluding the pattern measurements, the overall belt specifications and rubber cover properties of the patterned conveyor belt remain the same as the flat surface conveyor belt under the condition of the same carcass and rubber cover materials.


The belts include general use, oil-resistant, acid-alkali resistant, cold-resistant, static conductive, fire retardant, wear-resistant and heat resistant types etc.

Strengthened Version of Elevator Bucket

Better Adaptation

Compatible with international brand elevators and provides a better lifting speed with more capacity.

Exclusive Formula

With a self-developed formula to produce a durable high-performance bucket for heavy-duty tasks.

Sustainable Design

Creative design of a bottom open hole to improve airflow to reduce material backfeed.

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