Sectional Screw Flights

Sectional Screw Flights


  1. Solid woven carcass completely solve the problem of ply separation and belt delamination.
  2. High resistance to oil, grease, chemicals, corrosion,flame, abrasion with anti-static properties.
  3. Consists of tight woven carcass with resilient PVC cover. Prevent the bolts from penetrating the belt and secure the fixation between buckets and belt.
  4. Flexibility allows the belt running along elevator pulley smoothly and avoid belt mistracking.




Supplied Requirement

1. If the thickness is in the range of 20mm to 30mm, bandwidth (OD-ID)/2 ≤ 400mm.

2. If the thickness is in the range of 30mm to 40mm, band width (OD-ID)/2 ≤ 370mm.

3. If the thickness is in the range of 40mm to 50mm, band width (OD-ID)/2 ≤ 350mm.

4. If the thickness is in the range of 50mm to 60mm, band width (OD-ID)/2 ≤ 320mm.

Strengthened Version of Elevator Bucket

Better Adaptation

Compatible with international brand elevators and provides a better lifting speed with more capacity.

Exclusive Formula

With a self-developed formula to produce a durable high-performance bucket for heavy-duty tasks.

Sustainable Design

Creative design of a bottom open hole to improve airflow to reduce material backfeed.

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