PU Solid Woven Elevator Belt

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PU Solid Woven Elevator Belt


Performance characteristics

1, the covering layer penetrates into the skeleton material, with no interface between different material layers, no multi-layer with the inter-layer peeling phenomenon.

2、Oil resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, cold resistance, super wear resistance (wear resistance is more than 4 times ordinary rubber), long service life.

3, with the overall dense, good tear resistance, good resistance to screw pull-through ability, dustpan, and lifting belt connection more secure.

4、The covering layer has good resilience, is smooth over the roller, can maintain a good running track, not easy to run off.


Belt Specifications

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Cover Performance

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Belt Supplied Requirement

  1. Available in width and length according to customer’s requirement;
  2. We can provide dustpan installation hole punching service, which is convenient for customers to install and use.

Strengthened Version of Elevator Bucket

Better Adaptation

Compatible with international brand elevators and provides a better lifting speed with more capacity.

Exclusive Formula

With a self-developed formula to produce a durable high-performance bucket for heavy-duty tasks.

Sustainable Design

Creative design of a bottom open hole to improve airflow to reduce material backfeed.

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