Continuous Equal Thickness Screw Flights

Material : Carbon/Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Abrasion-resistant Steel, Stainless Steel.

Features :

  • Another patented process is developed by our own engineering team to overcome issues such
    as difficult forming when ratio (OD/Pitch) is less than 0.5 and high material wastage for small lot
  • The forming method of continuous equal thickness screw flights is the same as continuous cold
    rolled flights, whereas the thickness is consistent throughout the inner edge and outer edge.
  • High precision manufacturing process.
P12 M Type Bucket Drawing

Specifications :

Any size within the range of the following table is available.

Pitch p(mm)Min. Inner Diameter d(mm)Max. Outer Diameter D(mm)Max. Band Width (D-d)/2(mm)Thickness T (mm)
30 ~ 6020150402 ~ 10
60 ~ 10025150502 ~ 10
100 ~ 15035160552 ~ 10
150 ~ 20040200602 ~ 10
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