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Providing worldwide clients with one-stop components sourcing services for over three decades, Sanwei has grasped the technology of manufacturing conveying machinery parts for grain and more industries.
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Grain Conveyor Drag Conveyor Components Expert

Trusted and Chosen by 7,000+ Renowned Companies

Reliable Quality

The detailed quality inspection report can be provided, and third-party quality inspection is supported.

Rigorous QC Management

All products go through a series of random and full inspections to guarantee consistent quality.

Flexible Customization

We offer a range of customization services to meet varying customer requirements.

Internationally Certified

Our product has obtained global certifications including ISO9001 and CE exemption.

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    Explore Our Efficient Drag Conveyor Components

    Benifit from Highly Functional & Diverse Components
    1 英制套筒滚子链 1

    Roller Chain


    Drop Forged Chain


    Drag Sprockets

    埋刮板(BF) 1

    Plastic Flight Attachment 

    9塑料刮板 1 拷贝

    Nylon Gear& Wheel

    Flexible Customization For Your Every Needs

    Each machinery component is tailored to meet the unique working conditions of your industry.

    Confirm Custom Requirements

    SANWEI Certified Quality Control System 04

    Professional Solutions

    Finalize Design Specifics

    Mass Production

    Higher Standard,
    Better Product


    Months Warranty

    All components are covered by a 12-month warranty, which includes free replacement for any defects or quality issues.


    Good Rate

    By combining custom mold manufacturing with designated testing departments, we consistently satisfy our clients and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

    CNC Lathe

    Processing-Our CNC Lathe handles complete spare parts processing, including cutting, slotting, drilling, and more comprehensive processings.
    SANWEI Manufacturing Capabilities 03

    Benefit From Our Premium Service

    Group 94 1

    24/7 Services Hours

    Obtain timely and professional solutions for any concerns 24/7.

    Group 92 1

    Specialist Consultation

    Our expert consultants offer constructive recommendations for production steps.

    Group 93 2


    Our 78 patents and self-owned technology enable us to elevate production standards.

    Group 91 1

    Privacy Protection

    We prioritize privacy, following strict policies and procedures to keep your information secure and confidential.

    Check the Process, Know the Quality

    Detailed Consultation

    Communicate with experts on component configuration and operation conditions.


    Sampling & Inspection

    You get tested samples for confirmation and can also adjust for appearance, structure and size.


    Mass Production

    Modern workshops provide efficient production of standardized and customized products.


    Prompt Delivery

    Depending on the region, we will choose the optimal shipping solution which includes preferential prices.


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    Our Support team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours

      *Please specify more details about the material, quantities, or any other specific request you have in mind


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