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Providing worldwide clients with one-stop components sourcing services for over three decades, Sanwei has grasped the technology of manufacturing conveying machinery parts for grain and more industries.
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    Flexible Customization For Your Every Needs

    Customization is the key to meet changing needs with flexibility
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    SANWEI Flexible Customization 01
    Elaborate Service Process 01

    The Difference is in the Details

    Our outstanding production facility secured global certifications from ISO9001 and CE exemption.

    15 years of longstanding partnerships with raw material suppliers ensures their quality and consistency.

    To enhance our R&D and expand our knowledge, we invite domestic university professors and national experts for cooperation.

    Three decades of experience in bulk parts customization and production gives us a distinct edge compared to our peers.

    For proper communication and information dissemination, we conduct weekly meetings and regular training.

    Quality Control System

    Material Management

    Material Management

    Dedicated warehouses and personnel maintain the excellent quality and optimal performance of the ingredients.

    Advanced Customization

    Advanced Customization

    Each machinery component is specifically tailored to meet the working conditions required by your industry.

    Standard Product Portfolio

    Standard Product Portfolio

    Standardized production process upholds strict benchmarks of mass-produced components.

    Exclusive Product Formulation

    Exclusive Product Formulation

    The exclusive formula of our components features in resistance to fire, oil, and static .

    Exceptional Manufacturing Capability

    Injection Molding Machine

    Injection Molding Machine

    Injection molding makes the production of our plastic buckets more precise, reducing both quality and costs issues .

    Flat Vulcanizer Production Line

    Flat Vulcanizer Production Line

    Our flat vulcanizer quickly produces rubber lifting belts and conveyor belts while saving on rubber material for more products.

    CNC Lathe

    CNC Lathe

    Processing-Our CNC Lathe handles complete spare parts processing, including cutting, slotting, drilling, ans more comprehensive processings.

    Ultra-high Sheet Molding Production Line

    Ultra-high Sheet Molding Production Line

    Pressing-We handle fast production of ultra-high sheet molded products, customized to your specifications to ensure optimal functionality.

    Developing High-Value Service for You

    SANWEI Regional Management 01

    Elaborate Service Process

    With our components applications covering various industries, we utilize our expertise to deliver exceptional machinery parts for safe and lasting support.

    Specialist Consultation 01

    Regional Management

    Dedicated managers look over each overseas region, ensuring that we meet your specific demands with utmost speed and proficiency.

    SANWEI Specialist Consultation 04

    24/7 Services Hours

    Get timely and professional solutions regarding any concern 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are.

    SANWEI Certified Quality Control System 02

    Specialist Consultation

    Expert consultants provide constructive recommendations on each production step, including size, packaging, parameters, and shipping requirements for your components.

    Check the Process, Know the Quality

    Detailed Consultation

    Communicate with experts on component configuration and operation conditions.


    Sampling & Inspection

    You get tested samples for confirmation and can also adjust for appearance, structure and size.


    Mass Production

    Modern workshops provide efficient production of standardized and customized products.


    Prompt Delivery

    Depending on the region, we will choose the optimal shipping solution which includes preferential prices.


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    Our Support team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours

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