Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

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Technical Requirements

Comply with CEMA/RMA, AS, GB standards for rubber conveyor belt.

  • Features

  • 1. Carcass can be made from Polyester EP, Nylon NN, Cotton CC, or Polyester Cotton TC.
  • 2. The different features of oily materials determine the selection of rubber cover. The correct selection of cover will lead to longer belt service life.
  • Application

  • Comply with ASTM and GB standards for rubber conveyor belt.

Overall Specifications

No. of Plies  2 ~ 6

ItemUnitIndex Value
Carcass MaterialCotton CC, Polyester Cotton TC, Polyester EP, Nylon NN
Tensile StrengthN/mm160 ~ 2400
Elongation @ 10% Tensile Strength %≤ 4
Adhesion StrengthCC, TCCarcass Ply to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 3.2
Cover to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 2.7
EP/NNCover to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 4.5
Cover to Carcass PlyN/mm≥ 3.5
Widthmm300 ~ 1800
Lengthm≤ 250

Cover Rubber Properties

TypeTensile StrengthElongation @ BreakAbrasion LossVolume Change
Moderate Oil Resistant (MOR)≥ 14.0≥ 350≤ 200≤ +50
Superior Oil Resistant (SOR)≥ 16.0≥ 350≤ 160≤ +5

Note: Test is performed by using #3 oil (Test duration 72 hours, test temperature at 70 ℃ ). Moderate Oil Resistant:suitable for wood oil, grain oil, animal oil, vegetable oil etc.Superior Oil Resistant: suitable for mineral oil, heavy oil, anti-rust oil, engine oil etc.

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