Oil & Fire Resistant Elevator Belt

Features :

The carcass is made from low shrink, high crimpness dipped rubber Terylene fabric, it is mainly being used in grain oil and food industry, where oil resistance, wet resistance and anti static are requested , due to heavy oil and anti-static formula adopted.

Belt Specifications :

ModelColorPlyTotal Tensile  Strength N/mmElongation at 10% Rated Load %Adhesion Strength N/mmTemperature Range ℃
Ply to PlyCover to Ply
600YUPBlack4600≤ 1.2≥ 4.5≥ 3.5-35~+70
800YUPBlack4800≤ 1.2≥ 4.5≥ 3.5-35~+70
1000YUPBlack51000≤ 1.2≥ 4.5≥ 3.5-35~+70

Cover Rubber Specifications :

 Tensile Strength MPa ≥ 15.0
 Elongation at Break % ≥ 300
 Abrasion Loss mm3 ≤ 200
Oil Resistance%Plant Oil, 70℃ *72h,Volume Expansion ≤ 20%
Anti staticΩSurface Resistance ≤ 3X108
Flame ResistancePersistence of Flame ≤ 30S, no persistence of after glow

Belt supplied requirement :

1.Model 1000YUP is a customized belt, the other models are prepared in the mode of wide width, therefore
the individual required width and length of belt can be supplied according to customer’s requirement.
2.The mounting hole drilled service is provided upon requested.

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