Imperial Roller / Bush Chain

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P42 Bush Chain

Bush Chain (B)

P42 R Type Roller Chain

R Type Roller Chain (R)

P42 F Type Roller Chain

F Type Roller Chain (F)

Minimum Tensile Strength in (lbs)SizePitch (mm)Width between plates at inner ends (mm)R Type Roller Diameter (mm)Roller Flange Diameter (mm)Flange Thickness (mm)Bush Diameter (mm)Pin Diameter (mm)Plate (mm)
13000C66.5 □ 28466.51531.841.331811.12844
C76.2 □ 28476.2
24500C66.5 □ 35666.51947.660.33.823.6143564
C76.2□ 35676.2
C101.6 □ 356101.6
39000C101.6 □ 488101.625.466.785.76.433.2164886
C127 □ 488127
C152.4 □ 488152.4
C177.8 □ 488177.8
60000C127 □ 60812738.188.9114.3838.1206086
C152.4 □ 608152.4
C177.8 □ 608177.8
C203.2 □ 608203.2
Flight attachment of both Imperial and Metric roller chains can be made to customer drawing/specification. Some samples are showing below:

P43 WF Series

WF Series

P43 WR Series

WR Series

P43 WK Series

WK Series

P43 WKA Series

WKA Series

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